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Wish you had a way to encourage kindness every single day? 

Portrait of cute girl giving crayon to classmate at lesson

Unkindness, teasing, and bullying doesn’t have to be the norm in your classroom or school.  

But with these 100 Days of Everyday Kindness, your students will: 

✔️ make kindness an every day habit 

✔️ speak and act with kindness more often  resent, envy, or compete with each other

✔️ create a classroom community that feels welcoming and warm

✔️ be 100 Days Kinder!

Kindness can’t just be taught during Kindness Week or at one Kindness Assembly. 

 It has to be taught every day, with consistent, intentional reminders. 

 We need to make kindness a habit.

Because it takes practice. It takes repetitive action. It takes us making kindness a priority.

To help you do that, you will LOVE our 100 Days of Kindness Bundle:

What’s inside the 100 Days of Kindness:

  • 100 Kindness Ideas for students to speak and act with kindness every day for 100 days
  • Recording sheet so students can track their own progress
  • Certificates for the end of the 100 Days of Kindness in color and black and white to recognize and praise your students’ efforts

After 100 days, your students will be 100 Days Smarter. But they'll also be 100 Days Kinder.