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Wish your kids would bicker, tease, and fight LESS? 

Teach our kids to be kinder to their siblings with these 8 tips to help brothers and sister show each other kindness #kindness #kindkids #kinderkids #brothersandsisters #raisingkinderkids #raisingkindkids #parentingsiblings #siblingrelationships #kindkids

Sibling rivalry and nastiness doesn’t have to be the norm for your family.  

With the tips and tricks you will learn in our Raising Kind Siblings ebook, you can set your kids up to: 

✔️ Get along more often  

✔️ NOT resent, envy, or compete with each other

✔️ Like each other and WANT to be together

✔️ Laugh MORE together and bicker LESS

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You don’t have to spend your days being a referee to your kids’ behavior. 

Your family time doesn’t have to feel like a war zone. 

You can have a calmer, happier, more peaceful home. 

❤️And it starts with kind siblings.❤️

What’s inside the ebook:

  • step by step ways to raise kind siblings- NO Guessing!
  • simple explanations of why we should be kind so you can explain it to your children
  • two versions of a month-long Sibling Challenge (one for older and one for younger siblings)
  • two printable posters
  • sibling book craft directions
  • ways to help siblings and families connect so they want to be kind to each other
  • list of family kindness challenges to keep the kindness going year round