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Raising Kind Siblings:

Are your kids kind to classmates, friends, and even perfect strangers, but not kind to their siblings?

It's gut-wrenching and heartbreaking for us to watch one of our kids be mean or cruel or nasty to another one of our kids.

We can make our homes and families calmer, happier and more peaceful.

And it begins when we intentionally raise kinder siblings.

Raising Kind Siblings will help you if:

  • your kids bicker, argue, tease, name call, or fight with each other
  • you're constantly refereeing your kids' mean-spirited behaviors
  • your kids don't like spending time together
  • you cringe when your kids speak to each other
  • you don't really enjoy family-time because it ends with someone getting hurt or sad or mad

But what if I told you it doesn't have to be that way?

You can create a family that is calmer, happier and more peaceful. 

And it happens when we use these tried and true tricks to encourage our kids to be kinder to their siblings.


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If you want your kids to be kinder to each other,

You. Are. In. The. Right. Place.

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In the Raising Kind Siblings Ebook you will:

  • Learn why our kids should be kind so we can explain it to them so they buy in.
  • Get simple and practical ideas you can implement right now to get kids to want to be kinder to their siblings.
  • Help your kids connect with each other so they actually start to like each other more.
  • Figure out what to "ban" in your home to create a more peaceful environement.
  • Receive bonus resources inside to encourage kindness more often.
  • Challenge your kids to be kind to each other with our exclusive Sibling Challenge
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Hi! I'm Nicole, founder of Coffee and Carpool and Raising Kind Kids.

Raising kids is hard work and raising siblings is even trickier. Because not only do we have to parent them to be good people, we also have to parent their relationships.

We have to help our kids share and take turns and learn how to speak with kindness even when they feel like being mean or when they're mad their sister got the red cup.

And day in and day out in the trenches at home with my three kids, I wished I had a manual to help me raise my kids to be kinder to each other...but there just wasn't one.

So... I created one for all of us.

I took my years of being in the classroom with hundreds of students, my decade plus of parenting and my time learning from some of the best parenting experts around and created a guide for other parents to follow.

Grab the Raising Kind Siblings ebook TODAY and :

  • Get the 2 Month-Long Siblings Kindness Challenges

  • 10 Meals to No Kid Hungry

  • 2 digital eposters

And for every ebook purchase, I'll happily donate 10 meals to No Kid Hungry.