Are you worried or frustrated or disheartened when your kids are mean to each other?

You deserve a calm, happier, more peaceful home…

…Which happens when you intentionally raise your kids to be kind to each other.

We can all agree: Parenting is Hard. 

It’s not for the faint of heart. And most of us struggle daily. 

>>We worry: Am I doing this right? 

>>We fear: Am I screwing up my kids? 

>>We berate ourselves: How do other parents make this look easy? 

Raising kids doesn't have to be this hard.
Parenting doesn't need to feel like battle.
There's an easier way.

And you'll learn it in The Raising Kind Kids Course.

Meet your teacher, Nicole

Nicole is the creator of Coffee and Carpool: Raising Kind Kids, The Kind Kids Movement and is a mom to three kids.

She’s a recovering elementary school teacher, a speaker & author, and mostly survives on strong coffee.

She has helped busy parents and teachers for years to intentionally raise kind kids so they become the best versions of themselves and so families can build stronger family identities and create calmer, happier more peaceful homes. 

In The Raising Kind Kids Course, Nicole shares her expertise, real-life stories from her students, her kids, and other families, and more importantly, the tried and true step by step strategies you need to know if you want to raise kind kids too.

When our kids are cruel, mean-spirited and nasty to each other, it feels like we’re failing as parents. 

So, You’re in the Right Spot If: 

There is a way to to feel less embarrassed, less distraught and less frustrated by our kids’ interactions. 

Every family can have a calmer, happier, more peaceful home when they follow the steps in our Raising Kind Kids Course because it sets your kids up for success: to speak and act with kindness more often…with less refereeing and reminders from you. 

Imagine your family at dinner time: 

You’ve got a pot of pasta cooking on the stove. Your sauce is slowly simmering and the garlic bread smells heavenly. 

You’ve got your favorite song on and you’re singing along as you put the finishing touches on dinner. 

It’s busy and chaotic and loud around you but you find yourself laughing with your kids. 

Their craziness doesn’t seem to bother you.

Your kids help each other set the table without being asked over and over again. 

They use their manners through dinner and you stay calm. There’s no outbursts or arguments or frustration. 

You have a conversation at dinner about your day and there’s no competition for your attention or your affection. 

And at the end of dinner, you realized everyone genuinely enjoyed each other’s company and it was a lovely family dinner. 

And then you realize…this was a normal, regular, every day dinner, not a special-occasion family dinner where they’re on their best  behavior for ten minutes. 

Your kids treat each other like friends, like they really like each other, and it warms your heart. 

Then they clear the table together and thank you for dinner. 

Sound too good to be true? 

Does this seem like a magical-unicorn moment?

Think this is only reserved for fairy tale “perfect” families? 

We can intentionally teach, foster and encourage our kids to be kind, thoughtful, generous and helpful by using specific and time-tested strategies you will learn in The Raising Kind Kids Parenting Course. 

The Raising Kind Kids Course is Right For You If: 

*You want your kids to be kind but you have no clue where to even start 

* You want your kids to have positive and strong sibling relationships

*You want less squabbles, less fights, taunts, bickering, teasing and meanness

*You want to referee less and regulate their behavior less 

* You want to help your kids deal with unkindness in healthy ways 

* You don’t want your kind kid to get taken advantage of 

*You want your child to be surrounded by positive role models and good friends 

*You think it’s our social duty to be kind to others and make the world a kinder place 

But if we don’t take the time to intentionally raise our kids to be kind, the bickering and fighting and sibling squabbles will continue to escalate and damage our family relationships. 

Because kids who live in an unkind, mean-spirited home will: 

If we want a family who enjoys being together and likes each other...

If we want kids who go out of their way to help each other...

If we want thoughtful, compassionate kids who will grow up to be thoughtful, compassionate adults...

We can't just cross our fingers and hope for the best.

We need to intentionally take action.

We need a plan.

The Raising Kind Kids Course is the plan you need.

But you don't have to take my word for it. Here's what others have said about these strategies:
Jaime S.
Our family is joining you!!! Thank you for doing this!! I have wanted to get my family volunteering for years but the kids are young and we are so busy etc... The usual barriers and excuses. This is a great way to get us started!!
Khatera S.
I really like the kindness activities you presented. We are on a mission for kindness. I would love to use the ideas to get the kids happy about kindness. 
Stacy S.
I see [my kids] hugging each other more and telling each other "I love you." Also, they had friends over this afternoon and typically a fight ensues at some point, but they all played well, shared their toys cheerfully, and spoke kindly to each other and friends. Also, they had a babysistter tonight who said they were amazing. We typically get a good report but "they did fight a few times" is always added to the statement. Tonight they were just great for the sitter. I was so encouraged. Keep up the good work in helping families!
Lisa R.
I love all your kindness ideas. We NEED these in the classrooms! I just wish I could get more people to use your ideas! We would live in a much kinder world! 

The Raising Kind Kids Course Includes:

>> Printable Notebook for each Lesson (so you don't miss key nuggets)

>> Quick Wins for each Lesson to Implement the Strategies (no guessing needed)

>> 47 Printable Resources to Use with your Kids (choose the best ones for your family!)

>> 39 Videos (covering 6 major topics)

These Hands-On Lessons Will Help Parents and Educators step by step KNOW how to Intentionally Raise Kind Kids with actionable steps to implement right away:

#1: Setting Our Kids Up for Success

#2 The Basics: Everyday Kindness Strategies

#3 Kindness at Home: Kind Siblings 

#4 The Meanness: Dealing with Unkindness 

#5 Positive Peer Interactions and Quality Friendships 

#6 Kindness is a Verb: Take Kindness Action 

We 100% guarantee if you implement the strategies and advice in this course, you will see a significant improvement in your family's relationship.

But, if you're not 100% confident in what to do to raise your kids to speak and act with kindness more often with less reminders from you, we will return your money.

We are that confident these strategies will work for you and the kiddos in your life.

One Last Note from Nicole:

Being a parent is hard. I get it. But it doesn’t have to feel this hard. 

We shouldn’t have to go through the day just counting the minutes until bedtime. 

There is a way we can enjoy this parenting ride a little more…enjoy our kids, enjoy being a parent, enjoy our family time more. 

And it starts when our kids are kind to us and kind to their siblings and kind to others. 

We can set our kids up to want to be kind, to enjoy spending time with each other, and to share their love and kindness with the people in their lives. 

We don’t have to just cross our fingers and hope our kids grow up to be kind. 

We can make it happen.  

Let me show you how in our Raising Kind Kids Course. You can join us here, Nicole