Frustrated, Exhausted and Stressed Out from Your Kids' Behavior?

The No-Drama Formula to Ditch Sibling Fighting in 90 Days

Are your kids SO mean to each other?

Are you sick and tired of their fighting and bickering and nastiness?

Is it draining you? Irritating you? Embarassing you?

You’re in the Right Spot If: 

Two young brothers fighting and hitting on grass in park, with older boy sitting over the younger

PARENTING MYTH: Siblings are just going to be mean and nasty to each other. Kids will be kids. 

PARENTING FACT: While some sibling squabbles are normal, constant nasty, mean-spirited sibling rivalry is not. You can teach your kids to be kind with the right strategies and resources. 

PARENTING MYTH: You’re a bad parent if your kids fight all the time. Their behavior is a       reflection of you. 

PARENTING FACT: You’re a great parent, the exact parent these kids need. But you can learn strategies to feel more empowered and confident rather than embarrassed, fed up and frustrated.

 What would your life look like if you could: 

  • Be a more confident parent because you’ll KNOW how to use the proven strategies? 
  • Set your kids up to have emotionally healthy and loving sibling relationships?
  • Feel empowered to support your kids to find positive quality relationships and avoid negative peer pressure?
  • Know you’re doing everything in your power to prevent them from being bullied OR becoming a bully?

PARENTING MYTH: Some kids are kind and some are not. 

PARENTING FACT: Kindness is a learned behavior. You can teach your kids to be kind if you use specific strategies designed to make kindness a habit. 

Instead of hoping or crossing your fingers that we’re doing everything in our power to make sure our kids are kind and thoughtful and helpful, we can ensure it without making ourselves nuts. 

Less fights. Less crying. Less worrying. Less bickering. Less tension. Less drama. 

But you’ll also get MORE.

More sweet moments. More laughing. More happy moments. More thoughtfulness.  

You want to have more happy days and less stress at home.

The Raising Kind Kids Movement is Right For You If:

* You want your kids to have positive and strong sibling relationships so they like spending time together.

*You want less squabbles, less fights, taunts, bickering, teasing and meanness.

*You need ideas that fit into the “cracks” of your already busy day.

*You want to referee and regulate their behavior less.

* You don’t want your kind kid to get taken advantage of by mean kids.

And 4 Bonuses:

And One MORE Bonus:

PARENTING MYTH: It’s okay to raise kids in homes with yelling and hitting if that’s how you were raised. You “came out okay.” 

PARENTING FACT: When we know better as adults, we can do better. You can break generational cycles of yelling, hitting, or in-home bullying. You can treat your kids with respect and kindness and expect that same respect and kindness in return. You are strong enough to break away from how your parents did it.  

Meet your coach, Nicole

Nicole is the creator of Coffee and Carpool: Raising Kind Kids, The Kind Kids Movement and is a mom to three kids.

She’s a recovering elementary school teacher, a speaker & author, and mostly survives on strong coffee.

She has helped busy parents like you for years to intentionally raise kind kids so they become the best versions of themselves, build stronger family identities through meaningful connection, and create calmer, happier more peaceful homes. 

In The Raising Kind Kids Movement, Nicole shares her expertise, real-life stories from her students, her kids, and other families, and more importantly, the tried and true strategies and resources you need if you want to raise kind kids too.

PARENTING MYTH: Mean kids will grow out of it when they grow up.  

PARENTING FACT: Mean kids become mean adults. If you want kind kids, you have to intentionally teach them NOW because the sibling squabbles and fights will continue to escalate and cause irreparable damage to your family relationships.  

Kids who live in an unkind, mean-spirited home will:

But it's not too late. You change all of that, right now.

Membership Access for 3 Months! 


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Membership Access for 3 Months 

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The Course Videos and Workbook will give you Quick Wins for your family!

But you don't have to take my word for it. Here's what others have said about these strategies:
Jaime S.
Our family is joining you!!! Thank you for doing this!! I have wanted to get my family volunteering for years but the kids are young and we are so busy etc... The usual barriers and excuses. This is a great way to get us started!!
Khatera S.
I really like the kindness activities you presented. We are on a mission for kindness. I would love to use the ideas to get the kids happy about kindness. 
Stacy S.
I see [my kids] hugging each other more and telling each other "I love you." Also, they had friends over this afternoon and typically a fight ensues at some point, but they all played well, shared their toys cheerfully, and spoke kindly to each other and friends. Also, they had a babysistter tonight who said they were amazing. We typically get a good report but "they did fight a few times" is always added to the statement. Tonight they were just great for the sitter. I was so encouraged. Keep up the good work in helping families!
Lisa R.
I love all your kindness ideas. We NEED these in the classrooms! I just wish I could get more people to use your ideas! We would live in a much kinder world! 

Join Megan C. and her boys in The Raising Kind Kids Movement. Here’s what she has to say about it:

I love the lessons and how you explain them with life experiences. Sometimes when I listen to your stories I feel like you are seeing how my kids act. I like how easy the lessons flow and the fact that I can implement them in real life without it taking time I don’t have. My kids like listening to the videos even the regular lesson videos. I feel like there is a change in kids even if it a slight one at this time I call it a win. A bigger win… I am even improving my husband a little!

I would definitely recommend it to other parents. The kindness games and printables alone are worth it. The classes and the information that you provide parents is real life. It is easy to implement in life and easy for kids to understand. My kids really enjoy the kid videos! Thank you for all the information!

PARENTING MYTH: I have far more important things to worry about than my kids being kind.  There’s no point in focusing on this.  

PARENTING FACT: Teaching these strategies to your kids will actually give you peace of mind because they will become more independent, more grateful, more self-confident, more able to handle their “big emotions,” and more capable to deal with peer pressure, bullies, and dangerous social situations. 

You want your kids to thrive and be confident and kind. Let us help.

We 100% guarantee if you implement the strategies and resources shared with you during the three months of access, you will see a significant improvement in your family's relationship and your children's kindness.

But, if you're not 100% confident in what to do to raise your kids to speak and act with kindness more often with less reminders from you, you can cancel at any time.

You can be confident these strategies will work for you and your family.

PARENTING MYTH: Teaching kids to be kind will take up too much time. 

PARENTING FACT: The methods and strategies and resources you’ll get will fit into the “cracks” of your already busy day. You can see an improvement in minutes a day. 

One Last Note from Nicole: 

Parenting is not for the faint of heart. It is emotionally and physically exhausting where we constantly second guess ourselves: Are we doing this right? 

I won’t lie: the strategies you will learn in The Raising Kind Kids Movement over the next three months will be more “work” for you.  

But if you commit to implementing the strategies you learn and use the resources you have access to, you will ensure your kids will become kind, thoughtful, caring, generous, helpful, compassionate people. 

And then you won’t have to wonder anymore… 

You will be doing it right for your kids. 

Your family can have a calmer, happier, more peaceful home. 

And YOU can feel calmer, happier, and more peaceful when you use the proven strategies and resources in The Raising Kind Kids Movement. 

It will set your kids up for success: to speak and act with kindness more oftenwith less refereeing and reminders from you. 

All you have to do is join.