Are you frustrated or disheartened when your students are mean to each other?

You deserve a tight-knit classroom community with kind, helpful, and friendly students…

…And a place where every student feels welcomed and safe enough to be ready to learn.

We all know that kindness should start in the home…but so many of our students aren’t getting the message.

We also know that our students won’t be ready to learn or raise their hand and focus on the state standards if they’re worried they’re going to be bullied or teased or left out by the “popular crowd.” 

So while we teach those state standards, it’s also essential we teach SEL Curriculum. And since teaching anything one time to our students won’t work, we have to build these kindness concepts into our everyday lesson plans. 

Now we have something to make it easy to fit these lessons into your already full days: a membership for educators who want to intentionally teach kind kids. 

Each month, you’ll get everything you need to ensure your students are getting the character education curriculum they need to ensure they’re turning out to be the best versions of themselves. No guessing. No endless searching for what you need. No need to reinvent the wheel and create what you need. 

Here’s what you need to know:  

Meet your coach, Nicole

Nicole is the creator of Coffee and Carpool: Raising Kind Kids, The Kind Kids Movement and is a mom to three kids.

She’s a credentialed elementary school teacher, a speaker & author, and mostly survives on strong coffee.

She has helped busy educators for years to intentionally teach kind kids so they become the best versions of themselves, feel emotionally safe and ready to learn, and are part of a cohesive, warm, and kind classroom community where everyone is included. 

In The Teaching Kind Kids Movement, Nicole shares her expertise, real-life stories from her students, her kids, and other families, and more importantly, the tried and true monthly resources you need if you want to teach kind kids too.

When our students are cruel, mean-spirited, and nasty to each other, our classrooms feel like awful places to be. Which makes teaching feel even harder. 

You’re in the Right Spot If: 

There is a way to to feel less embarrassed, less distraught and less frustrated by our students’ interactions in and out of your classroom. 

Every classroom and school can be set up to be a kind, welcoming, warm environment with the monthly resources in our Teaching Kind Kids Movement because it sets our students up for success: to speak and act with kindness more oftenwith less refereeing and reminders from adults.  

Schoolchildren and their teacher reading in primary class

We can intentionally teach, foster and encourage our students to be kind, thoughtful, generous, and helpful by using specific strategies and resources you have access to in The Teaching Kind Kids Movement. 

The Teaching Kind Kids Movement is Right For You If:

*You want your students to be kind but you have no clue where to even start

* You want your classroom to feel like a warm, inviting classroom community

* You know kids need to feel welcomed and safe to be ready to really learn

*You want less squabbles, less fights, taunts, bickering, teasing and meanness

*You need ideas that fit into the “cracks” of your already busy day

*You want to referee less and regulate their behavior less

* You want to help your students deal with unkindness in healthy ways

*You want your students to be positive role models and good friends

*You think it’s our social duty to be kind to others and make the world a kinder place 

But if we don’t take the time to intentionally teach our students to be kind, the bickering and fighting and bullying will continue to escalate and damage our students, our classrom and our school. 

Because kids who are in an unkind, mean-spirited environment will: 

Kindness Week in schools sounds good and looks good but it's not effective in creating a positive school environment where students know how to speak and act with kindness. If you want a kind school environment, do this instead.
But you don't have to take my word for it. Here's what others have said about these strategies:
Norva S.
My colleagues and I used this [100 Acts of Kindness] as a resource to help with teaching the kids kindness in a tangible way.
Mary C.
I am a primary school teacher here in Ireland and we are launching a kindness initiative in our school. I loved all your wonderful ideas and am looking forward to using them in the year ahead.
I loved the pictures in these [emergent reader kindness] books. I have shared the books with my students to help them see the ways we can be kind! We will be using them often to be reminded of our kindness!
Lisa R.
I love all your kindness ideas. We NEED these in the classrooms! I just wish I could get more people to use your ideas! We would live in a much kinder world! 

The Teaching Kind Kids Movement Includes:

♥ 4 Monthly Printable Kindness Resources

♥ Monthly Printable Poster

♥ Monthly Newsletter with Extra Support and Resources and Ideas to Weave Kindness into your Day

♥ Exclusive Invites to our Monthly Live Coaching Sessions with me


$20.21 $15.99/month


$242.52 $143.91/year


$27.99 $19.99/month


 $335.88 $179.91/year

We 100% guarantee if you implement the strategies and resources in this membership, you will see a significant improvement in your classroom and your students' kindness.

But, if you're not 100% confident in what to do to teach your kids to speak and act with kindness more often with less reminders from you, you can cancel at any time.

We are that confident these strategies will work for you and your students.