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Wish you had a way to encourage kindness and love and family connection for $3? 

Teach our kids to be kinder to their siblings with these 8 tips to help brothers and sister show each other kindness #kindness #kindkids #kinderkids #brothersandsisters #raisingkinderkids #raisingkindkids #parentingsiblings #siblingrelationships #kindkids

Sibling rivalry and nastiness doesn’t have to be the norm for your family.  

With these Valentine’s Day Kindness Love Notes, you can set your kids up to: 

✔️ make kindness an every day habit 

✔️ focus on why they like, love and enjoy each other

✔️ create a family connection that feels welcoming and warm

✔️give compliments and praise 

What’s inside the 14 Days of Valentine’s Day Kindness Notes:

  • 14 Days of Kindness Notes with different prompts on each one
  • Notes come in Color and Black and White

After 14 days, your family will have 14 more days of kindness, love and connection...
The perfect Valentine's Day gift.