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Wish you had a fun, but meaningful way to talk to kids about kindness? 

Skittles Game for Kids to Encourage Kindness and Friendship by having meaningful discussions and conversations about hard topics. This is perfect for youth groups, Scouts, classrooms and family dinners. #skittlesgames #skittles #kindness #discussion #familydinner #scouts #coffeeandcarpool #kindness

Bullying, nastiness, and excluding others doesn’t have to be the norm.

With this Skittles Game, you can set kids up to understand why and how to be kind more often: 

✔️ Speak and act as a good, true friend 

✔️ Be more helpful and considerate of others

✔️ Avoid bullying behaviors

✔️ Include, welcome and invite others to join in

To help you do that, for the next 24 hours, you can get our Skittles Game for only $4

You don’t have to spend your days being a referee to kids’ behavior. 

You can intentionally teach your kids what kindness sounds and looks like. 

You can have a calmer, happier, more peaceful home or classroom. 

❤️And it starts with kind kids.❤️

What’s inside the Skittles Game:

  • Kindness
  • Friendship and Being a Good Friend
  • Being Helpful
  • Bullies
  • Being Considerate
  • Including Others
  • Feeling Grateful
  • and Getting to Know You

The Skittles Game is PERFECT for:

* Teachers: Morning Meetings, Get to Know You

*Counselors: Small group sessions

* Families: Dinnertime or Family Meetings

* Scout Leaders: Meetings or Events 


Talk to kids about friendship, kindness, bullying and being helpful in a fun and DELICIOUS way!